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Inspiration For Tomorrow Inc.
  • Talk the Pain

    From every wounds there is a scar, every scar tells a story. A story that says. "I SURVIVED"

    About Us

    Mission Statement

    Inspiration for Tomorrow Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization registered in Massachusetts since 2010, to transform society's response towards Domestic violence and Sexual Assault. To promote safety, encourage individuals to learn the importance of recognizing signs of abuse, to speak up about potential abuse by raising awareness and educate healthy and unhealthy relationship


    Transformative- changing the          condition of the current situation.

              Obligation- to commit to what is   promised within the future

             Motivation- to continue with       journey and not look back

                      Overcome- obstacles occurred in the relationship

                   Resilient- moving forward       despite facing adversity

                          Respect- having self-worth and self esteem

                               Opportunity- to start a new chapter 

                             Withheld- withdrawing                      from the opponents  



    Our goal is to empower individuals to cultivate a culture where healthy relationship become the most important conversation. Education on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault as it creates a common knowledge

    our story



    It all began in 2010 after the earthquake strikes in Haiti when a young woman realized there was a need to help those affected by the earthquake. She travelled to Haiti to provide assistance to families in Port-au-Prince where she made an impact in the lives of many. Her passion to help others led her to form the official Inspiration for Tomorrow Inc., a 501c3 non-profit organization. As she made impacts in the lives of families in Haiti she also helped families in need in her community of Brockton Massachusetts. While assisting the families in in Brockton she came across of a young woman whom suffered from domestic violence and also learned that others had lost their lives to the hands of their abuser. She than realized she was a victim of domestic violence herself. After enduring years of abuse she decided to save her own life by escaping and never looked back. Upon embarking on a personal journey from victim to survivor, Judith Coulanges broke her silence. She helped the young woman to safely leave her abuser and started reaching out to other women and men who suffers from domestic violence in hopes to inspire them to speak up.

    This story personally made Judith intense to carry on the mission in her community to women and men affected by domestic violence. Since then, she began raising awareness in her community and the surrounding.

    As she carry on the mission, Judith along with the members of Inspiration for Tomorrow Inc. understood that survivors needed support more than ever and by advocating for them they will make the connections to change lives.

    Our program have been developed by survivors of domestic violence to assist victims and survivors to rebuild their lives and to ensure the experience of our service has and is memorable to have an Inspiration for Tomorrow.

    Thank you for believing in the work we do, we couldn’t do this without you.

    Our Team


    Judith Coulanges

    Nurse, Educator

     Domestic Violence Advocate

    Vice President

     Nancy Gaston

    Medical Administrator 

    Business Management, DV Advocate


     Bellugi Belcin

    Certified Nursing Assistant

     Board Advisor

     Franck B. Coulanges

    Police Officer

    Board Advisor 

    Jean Bradley Derenoncourt

    Brockton City Councilor At-Large

    Board Advisor

     Joshua Lamontagne


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